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     A manned island lying due north of Iriomote Island, the population being about 50.  Almost being a flat and round island, the center of the island somewhat rising and there is a forest called Hatoma Nakamori.  In the forest, the Hatoma Lighthouse which is a symbol of the island towers and we can look over the circumference of the island in 360 degrees from there.  The sea around the harbor shows very beautiful marine blue, but recently a huge port which is somewhat unbecoming to this island was built, its vista has been changed.  By the way, the grandmother in Kanpira-so is from this Hatoma Island.  A recent popular Okinawan singer of Rimi Natsukawa is supposed to be from Ishigaki, however, I heard that she was born in Hatoma Island.  
     To access here, you can utilize a ferry boat of Heisei-maru or Kariyushi of Yaeyama Kanko Ferry, which runs 3 times a week from Ishigaki, and some boats in the Ishigaki - Funaura line by An-ei-maru call at Hatoma Island.  When you are staying at Iriomote, a transport service by a boat of Densa Restaurant, that by Sanwa Fishing and an irregular tour of Hotel Mariudo are available, also you can consult some other eco-tour services in Iriomote.  Further Mr. Toshio Maeo of Canoe Service Mifaiyu in Kanpira-so might take you there by his boat depending on his mood.  Since there are three hotels (inns) in Hatoma Island, you can stay for a long days.   
Views of Hatoma Island from offshore.  A flat island of elevated coral reef.
The deep blue sea in front of Hatoma Island.  Excellently beautiful.
The sea area around the island is totally shallows, there being many beautiful beaches.
Maehana Beach being located at the east side of Hatoma Port. Now landing the Hatoma Port.
A sea snake and an oval squid being under a wharf.  How transparent it is !
A guide map of the island recently being made. Hari boats which are used at Honen festival.
A Beach which once exited at the west side of Hatoma Port.  Although it was a beautiful beach, it disappeared entirely because harbor facilities shown below were constructed here.
The sea spreading in front of this beach.  We can see Iriomote. A lovely sand crab been on this beach.
A large scale of barber facilities which have been completed recently at the place where the beach above shown was located.  The expense of construction divides by number of inhabitants of the island may equal 1 billion yen.
Views of a high ground being located at the west side of the port.  It is a place with a certain air.
Hamaomoto flowers being out at the beach side. A seedling of Kusatobera.
A part of the circumference road at the west side of the island. Yara Beach being located at the west of the island.
A view of Iriomote from Yara Beach. The sea in front of Yara Beach.
A view of Yara Beach from offshore. The Hatoma Lighthouse towering up at the center of the island.
Cultivated plantain (banana) trees. A butterfly on a wayside flower.
A traditional house with red roof tiles. A view at the west of the port.
Hatoma elementary and junior high school being located at the eastern edge of a village.  There seems to be many foster children from the Japanese main lands.
They are swimming in the frontal sea, because there is no pool in the school. Yagurima-so being out in front of the school gate.
A view near the school. A papaya tree being panted at a garden of a house.
A young goat being bred at a garden of a house. A flower garden at the wayside.
Streets in Hatoma Island.
A cenotaph for victims by world war 2 and malaria.
A hibiscus and a bougainvillea being planted as hedges.
One of worship places which are distributed in the island. The main street of the island which runs north and south.
A little slope to Hatoma-nakamori. A well-developed gajumaru tree at the slope.
A signboard of Hatoma-nakamori which has been lying here since more than 20 years before. The lighthouse is located here, Hatoma-nakamori.
The Hatoma Lighthouse, a symbol of the island. It was injured by recent typhoons...
An observation tower being located at the highest place in the island. A view from Hatoma-nakamori - 1
A view from Hatoma-nakamori - 2 A view from northern side of the island.
Shimanaka Beach being located at the northern end of the island.  A small and snug beach.
The sea in front of Shimanaka Beach.  Color of the sea is extremely beautiful.
     The inhabitants of the island seem not to have a good impression for outsiders because of some ill-mannered tourists and divers, but we don't have to be so nervous, you should endeavor to make a greeting when you meet an inhabitant in the island.  Also, do not wander around the island only with a swimsuit because it can corrupt public morals.  If you well keep such manners, the inhabitants will be kind to you.  
     On the detail information of Hatoma Island, a book of "Painukaji (Southern wind)" written by Mr. Osamu Haneda is published by Yamatokeikokusha, if you are interested in that and also you are good at Japanese, it would be recommended to read.  You can purchase it with an Internet online system.  For details, please see here.