Hoshizuna Beach

     A beach located at just east of Sumiyoshi Village, in the northernmost edge of the island.  From Kanpira-so, it takes about 3 minutes by car, 15 minutes by bicycle and 30 minutes by walk, respectively.  In front of this beach, there are two islets and they make the vista there very beautiful.  Literally, sand grains in this beach include many star sands, about 30~50% of the total are the star sands.  The star sand is called hoshizuna in Japanese, being sedimentation of shells of a foraminifer (a protozoan), Baclogypsina sphaerulata.  Although this beach used to be covered with the star sand even hiding the bedrock in the former days, its amount decreased and the bedrock was exposed because every tourist vigorously took it back.  However, probably we don't have to be so nervous about that because the star sands are being produced in the offshore and constantly supplied unlike mineral resources.  But anyway, we should refrain to take away the star sand here.   
     There is a large tide pool-like structure inside the frontal islets, many corals and fishes inhabiting there, also it is the most suitable for snorkeling and sea bathing because there are no waves there.  On the other side of the islets, a shallow reef expands and we can get to the reef edge by walk.  Although it is possible to get out of the reef by swim, the waves there is somewhat high.  So, if you are not confident in your swimming ability, you should not do that.