The only one hot spring facilities in the Okinawa Prefecture located at Takana.  It takes about 30 minutes from Kanpira-so by car.  To access here, a bus on a regular route is also available.  
     There is not a hot spring in Okinawa Prefecture because of no volcanic ranges, but in Iriomote, a volcanic range seems to run nearby, even a submarine volcano is located at the north of Hatoma Island.  Accordingly the hot spring wells up, but on the other hand, an earthquake occurs occasionally in Iriomote.   
     The Iriomote Hot Spring has rich facilities because it took a long constructional period, there are common Japanese style of indoor baths and outdoor baths including a pool, a sauna and a Jacuzzi.  To take the outdoor baths, you have to wear a swimsuit.  An entrance fee is 1200 yen (half price for children), being open since 11 o'clock AM until 9 o'clock PM.  To see the home page of Iriomote Hot Spring, click here.
The main open-air bath called "Yamaneko-no-yu".  
Jet-baths.  Two baths made with wood frame and one made with stone arrangement.
Large ferns grow thickly by the hot spring, it is a very natural jungle bath.
A steam sauna.  A capacity for about 30 people.  A cool water bath after the sauna is also prepared.
A large warm-water pool.  Even for adults, you can splash about in the water.