Beach of Kanokawa

     This is a place located at the southwestern edge of Iriomote Island, being a inlet-like landform with a comparatively low mountain behind that.  Far back in the past, there used to be a village here and people inhabited, but that village perished in the prehistoric time of Iriomote.  Until some years ago, an old man of Mr. Miura who was once called the immortal of Kanokawa settled here solitarily, however the person has already moved to another place, having become to be an unmanned place again.   
     Here, there are the most suitable conditions for a camping site.  Because the inlet-like landform makes waves clam, in addition a beach extending longer, further a watering place is available everywhere as many mountain streams flow into.  Also, if we have a tool to fish, it is easy to get fishes and shellfishes for food in the frontal sea.  
     A considerable number of people visit Kanokawa to camp, many of them are by a sea route with a chartered boat, and some campers get to Kanokawa by a overland route such as Funauki route and so on.  There are some overland routes to Kanokawa, every one is somewhat hard for experienced people of camping and trekking.  On detail information of those routes, and if you are interested in Kanokawa, please see Experience Document of Kanokawa Camp in Sep.,2000 (but with regrets, that page has not been translated into English).