There is a small river called Kuura somewhat eastward from the marine road at Funaura and there is a waterfall at the middlestream of that river.  This is a neat falls with the height of about 5 meters.
     There is space to park for about two cars width eastward from Kuura Bridge, there is an entrance of an access route to that falls in the opposite side of the road; however, it is somewhat difficult to find it because it is covered with the bushes.  At the destination of the path, once people lived and managed a farm and the path used to be their life line; however at present, since very few people pass, it is returning to nature.  When we advance the path for about 300 meters, we can see some ruins of houses in which the people once lived.  From there, we have a path to go down Kuura River.  We can get to the stream of Kuura River at the end of the path, Kuura Falls is located somewhat downstream from that place.  Since we do not have any path to the lower flat of the waterfall, we have to walk in the bushes for a while.  This can be a maniac place because very few people visit.
     While, many giant bean plants (modama) naturally grow around Kuura River, people sometimes visit the area to get the bean seeds in their mature season.  It may be interesting to visit there in order to observe nature such as the giant bean.
Giant bean vines extending across Kuura River A thick vine of giant bean, like a tree
   You can watch a movie of Kuura Falls by Windows Media format (wmv) streaming file.  It is played by Windows Media Player.

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