Maruma Beach

     A beach located just ahead of a breakwater in the west of Uehara Port.  It takes 3 minutes from Kanpira-so by walk.  Although this beach used to have no name originally, it was becoming to be called "Maruma Beach" because it is located behind a hotel of Maruma-so.  However, the name of Maruma-so was taken from the name of an islet of "Maruma-bonsan" located at Sonai, it does not connected with this place originally.  
     This is a beautiful beach, being the most suitable for sunbathing and snorkeling.  Since there are very few waves even in the offshore, we can swim safely.  There is a coral reef at about 300m offshore from the beach, there we could see heavenly beautiful coral community until a few years ago.  However it considerably perished because of a whitening phenomenon due to high water temperature.  But recently, an indication of revival is seen, making us feel vitality of nature.   
     These are under-water pictures taken by the Web master during snorkeling around Maruma Beach on September 4th, 2002.  Enjoy a feeling of under-water stroll at Maruma Beach.
There is a seaweed zone on sandy soil in a little distance from the shore line.
A triggerfish which is foraging food at the sandy soil.
Coral rocks are occasionally distributed at a little offshore area from the seaweed zone.
Blue damsels clustering above the coral rock.
Proceeding toward offshore from the sandy soil, a flat bedrock is expanding. 
Approaching the coral reef, alive corals are increasing.
Small size of table-like and branch-like corals are commonly occur.
Corals which were once destroyed by the whitening phenomenon are fairly recovering.
Slopes at the reef edge.  Corals well develop at deeper area because it was not damaged by the whitening phenomenon.  
Over the reef edge, it becomes to be deep suddenly, however, it is about 10m depth.