Beach of Kanokawa

    This is a sung beach been located behind Sumiyoshi Village.  The name of "Mimikiri" means "cutting down ears", might originating from an episode that the ears of guilty people were cut down at this place in the old days.  It takes about 10 minutes from Kanpira-so by car, 30 minutes by bicycle, 50 minutes by walk.  Although it may be somewhat hard to find out this place, it is located at the end of a small rough path from a trifurcate road in front of Ikemura Construction Co in Sumiyoshi Village.  This beach is also near to Hoshizuna (Star sand) Beach, we may be able came here from Hoshizuna Beach by walk in the sea at low tide.  
     Since there are very few people here usually, it is very appropriate to be relax .  Snorkeling is also available here because there is coral reef in a little offshore.  Further, as the sun sets in front of this beach, the sun set watching here would be recommended.