Mitara Falls     This is a waterfall placed at  upstream of Arabara River, which is located southward from Sonai Village.  This waterfall is called Mitara Falls because Arabara River flows to Mitara Beach; however, there are not any waterfalls in Mitara River which is located further southward.
     Mitara Falls is quite vertical and  about 10 meters high, it can be regarded as a miniature of Pinaisara.  The basin of the waterfall does not develop very much.
     Since we have no access road to Mitara Falls, we have to climb along the stream of Arabara River.  There are some paddy fields northeastward from Mitara Bridge placed at the Mitara River estuary.  We enter a footpath between the fields and go down the Arabara River.   We have almost no problem to walk there because there is a little water flow in general.  Walking for a while, and we can see a steal aqueduct for a water supply, and there we will go up along the stream.  In our way to the waterfall, as large rocks interrupt the stream, we should detour them by entering mountain bush.  It is not long a distance to the waterfall, we can get to the waterfall after trekking for about 100m from the aqueduct.  This spot is included in the maniac courses because there is no access road, but it may not be difficult to access for skilled people because this is located near the villages.

     You can watch a movie of Mitara Falls by Windows Media format (wmv) streaming file.  It is played by Windows Media Player.

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