Mizuochi Falls
    This is a waterfall located at a little bit from south of Funauki Village, western part of the island, being in the middle of Mizuuchi River that flows into Funauki Bay.  Since there are no overland routes to this place, you have to access here with a canoe or chartered boat, also this point is included in a course of Shigeta-maru Tour.  So, ordinary tourists should participate the Shigeta-maru Tour.  But be careful that the tour is not held in the winter.  If you are confident in your stamina, I recommend you to use a canoe, beginning to row from Shirahama and taking about two hours to the falls.
     Although Mizuuchi River is a short river, mangroves (especially yaeyama hirugi Rhizophora mucronata) very well develop at the both of the river sides, we can also enjoy its vista.  Going against along the river to the limit, a cliff interrupts it and there is Mizuochi Falls.  That is the main course of the river, the water current suddenly dropping down.  
     You can rent the canoe at Coral Spawn at Uehara, also this spot is included in canoe tour courses of Mifaiyu in Kanpira-so, Murata-shizenjuku, L. B. Kayak Station and so on.  Further the chartered boat is available at Marine-kaiyu at Sumiyoshi, Yara Grocery Store at Shirahama and so on.