Hikagehego at Nakama River Sakishimasuo in Nakama River
A hikage-hego tree growing at the river side A sakishima-suo tree growing in the upper reaches
    Nakama River is the secondly largest river in Okinawa, next to Urauchi River, flowing into the sea between Ohara and Otomi.  It takes about 1 hour from Kanpira-so by car.  Broad mangrove forests expand around the both sides of the river.  A sightseeing boat of Tobu-kotsu goes against the river from Nakama Port in explaining on the Nakama River, coming back after seeing a large sakishima-suo tree growing in the upper reaches.  At the both river sides, the mangroves and tropical plants grow thickly, it is a real jungle.  A charge for the sightseeing boat is 1260 yen (half price for children), taking about one hour. 
     Also, we can enjoy to go up Nakama River with a canoe, taking about 2 hours from Nakama Port, arriving at the uppermost reaches where is the limit to go up with the canoe.  Ahead of that, a rocky area continues along the stream, also with deep pools, it is suitable to splash about in the water.  Since you have to canoe somewhat for a long distance, it is recommended for experienced people, otherwise you should take a canoe tour with a guide.  A rental canoe at Nakama River is available at  Haimi Papillon, Marine Leisure Kinmori and so on.