Nakanougan Island

     A solitary island located in the distance of about 10 Km westward from Iriomote Island.  It is an unmanned island with a long and narrow shape, being an important propagative site for sea birds.  To land in this island, a permission of the Environment Agency is necessary in order to protect the breeding of the sea birds (in particular, not to trample their eggs).  Tidal currents flow rapidly around the island, so there are many kinds of fishes here especially large migratory species such as dogtooth tuna Gymnosarda unicolor.  Therefore this island is famous as a diving point.  In particular the point of "higashi no ne" is very popular with advanced divers because there is a fantastic huge rocky landscape under the water, in addition we can often see a school of the large dogtooth tunas there.  Also, this place is appropriate for fishing, but it is restricted to do on a boat as we cannot land in the island.  
     Some divers call this island "Nakano-ogan", however this is not correct because it is a reading by standard Japanese language.  Since the language of Okinawa is entirely different from that of the Japanese main islands (for details, see here), we should respect the native language.  More locally, this island used to be called "Naari-ugan" or "Nariwan" at Amitori and Sakiyama Villages which have once existed.  
     To access to this island, we have no way except by a diving boat and a chartered boat.  For fishing, chartering a boat by some people can reduce a personal cost.