Nakara River Falls     A waterfall located in the upper reaches of Nakara River, the western part of the island.  Like the other falls in Iriomote, this falls does not have an official name, however, here I call it "Narasara" by my dogmatism (because "sara" stands for a waterfall in the language of Yaeyama).  
     Since there are no overland routes to this falls, we have to use a canoe or a chartered boat to access here.  We go against along Nakara River, landing at a marking point, from there walking a smooth path for about 15 minutes and arriving at the falls.   In the case of using a canoe, since it is rather long journey for about two hours in one way, it may not be suitable for an inexperienced person.  However, the canoe is recommended to an experienced person because both sides of Nakara River are full of variety in the vista and are attractive.  There are some branch streams in the left side of the river, if you have a time to enter those, it is enjoyable to look around.
     To visit here, a canoe tour of Mifaiyu in Kanpira-so is available.  Also, you can rent the canoe at Coral Spawn at Uehara, and the chartered boat is available at Marine-kaiyu and so on.  

     You can watch a movie of Narasara by Windows Media format (wmv) streaming file.  It is played by Windows Media Player.

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