Nishida (Sangara) Falls

     A waterfall located in the upper reaches of Nishida River, which is next to Pinai River where Pinaisara is located.  Since the presence of this falls has not been known very well, it seems not to have an official name, simply it is called "Nishida Falls" by repeater customers to Kanpira-so.  In Hatoma Island, this is called "Sangara Falls".  
     There are two access methods.  First, a method that we walk a mountain path along Nishida River to the falls.  There is an entrance at the end of Kaichu-doro (the marine road) from Funaura Bay toward Ohara, from there walking a path in which there are not ups and downs comparatively for about one hour, and arriving at the fall.  But, there are some honeycombs along the path, once I have had a terrible experience.  The second method is to use a canoe as the same access to Pinaisara, from the uppermost reaches where is the limit to go up with the canoe, we have to walk to the falls for about 15 minutes.  Further, there can be a somewhat unrealistic method that we walk along all of the rocky area in the river to the falls (actually, Mr. M. I. and Mr. I. A., who are repeater customers to Kanpira-so, once carried out that). 
     Nishidasara is a neat falls with a height of about 3m, on the upper side of the falls, a flat rocky plane spreads, it is the most suitable for a lunchtime and a rest.  Although there used to be many large freshwater shrimps in deep water and potholes, recently they have decreased remarkably with regrets.

     You can watch a movie of this falls by Windows Media format (wmv) streaming file.  It is played by Windows Media Player.

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