Photo by Adventure Club of Kanagawa University
     This spot is located at the uppermost of Itajiki River, which is a branch of Urauchi River, may being the most maniac place in Iriomote Island.  To be exact, it should be called a pool rather than "a lake", but it is reasonable to use a term of "phantom".  Although the presence of this spot have not been known for a long time, it was discovered by a report that a pool-like object in jungle was witnessed from an airplane of southwest airlines (presently changed into JTA) between Ishigaki and Yonaguni which flies above Iriomote Island.  
     In order to get to this spot, we must go over or detour Mayagusuku Falls and go upstream along Itajiki River; however, it is almost impossible to carry out except skillful people for trekking because there is no path-like route.  Therefore it can be "phantom".  To reach here, an enough outfit and technique of route finding are required.  As it takes 4-5 hours from Mayagusuku Falls, a day trip is impossible and we must prepare equipment for camping.  To go back from the Phantom Lake, we can go downstream along Itajiki River, on the other hand proceeding into the jungle to hurry, we can get out to Pinaisara, Yutsun River and Siira River directions.  However, more high mountaineering technique is needed to cross over a watershed.  Anyway, this is not a spot for normal tourists but for super maniac people.