Pinaisara     The largest vertical falls in Okinawa Prefecture with a height of about 55m.  We can see it distantly from the Kaichu-doro (the marine road) in Funaura Bay.  "Pinai" means a beard and "sara" means a waterfall, it was named after an appearance like a long white beard of an old man when wee see it distantly.  
     There are three access methods to this falls.  First, a traditional and primitive method that entering from the Kaichu-doro, walk through mangrove forests and the jungle to the falls totally.  Second, a method to use a canoe which is becoming to be very popular recently.  And a method to use a sightseeing boat for elderly people or people without stamina.  But even in the latter two methods, you have to walk a mountain path to the falls for about 15 minutes from the uppermost reaches where is the limit to go up with the canoe and the boat.  The paths toward upper side and lower side of the falls are both easy to walk, if you have a time, I recommend you to visit both.  On a sunny day, the view from the upper side of the falls is wonderful, we can look over Hatobanare, Barasu and Hatoma Islands panoramically.  A basin is pool-like with enough depth, although you can swim there, be careful for large rocks hidden in the water.  Also, since there are some indigenous animals such as gobies, shrimps and snails in the basin, you should pay careful attention to them from a concept of an eco-tour that is the recent trend.  

   You can watch a movie of Pinaisara by Windows Media format (wmv) streaming file.  It is played by Windows Media Player.

     Pinaisara (1,471 KB, 33 seconds)

   The other movies of Pinaisara filmed by Mr. Sara are available by the same format.  There are the movie at the lower flat and that at the upper flat of Pinaisara.  Images of his films are clearer, further including sound.  While, it will take a time for buffering owing to the large file size, so please be patient for a file until the beginning of play.