A long and very beautiful beach spreading ahead of Urauchi Village.  From Kanpira-so, it takes about 5 minutes by car, about 20 minutes by bicycle, respectively.  It is uncertain until what time this beach has been called Tsukigahama, the name of Tsukigahama must be a style in the Japanese main islands, the original place name is "Tudumari".  
     Although every beach in Okinawa consists of coarse coral grains, sands in this beach are fine and powdery unlike that.  That is, the sands carried from mountains are accumulated here because this beach is located at the estuary of Urauchi River.  The mountain sands and the fresh water of Urauchi River does not make corals develop at all around the beach.  Therefore when dive into the sea here, there is just a sand field, further the transparency is bad, it is not suitable for snorkeling.  However, nevertheless such a beautiful beach in appearance, there are always very few people, so it is the most suitable when we like to be alone and for couples.  Also, the sun set seen from here is quite beautiful, the deep red sun is setting right in front of the beach.  Further, this beach is suitable for surfing, although the surfing has not been popular yet in Iriomote, when a typhoon is approaching and there are big waves, reckless surfers often ride on the waves.  We can see s a small island called Atuku in the western edge of this beach, they say that there is a legend of Pirate Kid's treasure there.  In former days, we used to visit here through a rough path from the main road, but recently, a paved access road was completed.