Mariyudu Falls Kanbire Falls
Mariyudu Falls Kanbire (Kanpira) Falls
     This is a very standard sightseeing course in Iriomote Island.  We go up against Urauchi River which is the largest river in Okinawa Prefecture by a sightseeing boat for about 30 minutes, get off the boat at Gunkan-iwa (warship rock) in the upper reaches, from there go up toward Mariyudu and Kanbire (Kanpira) Falls by walking a mountain path for 30~40 minutes.  The captain of the sightseeing boat of Urauchigawa-kanko explains about plants such as mangroves and so on growing on the river side on our way to Gunkan-iwa.  Although the path to Mariyudu and Kanbire Falls is well maintained, you should wear proper shoes to walk such as sneakers rather than sandals (as you may get wet, marine boots for diving are further better).  Occasionally, we see a woman walking with high heels or super-thick sole shoes, it can be a misunderstanding.  This mountain path is a part of the crossing route of the island, there is the genuine crossing route from a little ahead of Kanbire Falls. 
     Mariyudu means "a round pool", indicated the large deep pool in front of the falls.  Although sometimes it is spelled as "Mariudo" or "Maryudo", those selling are not correct.  While Kanbire means "a seat for the God", the name of Kanpira-so was taken from the another name of Kanbire.  For this sightseeing course, it takes 3~4 hours in total, a charge for the sightseeing boat is 1500 yen (half price for children, one way and return travels are the same prices).  To see a home page of Urauchigawa-kanko, click here.  Further, you can be taken to a jetty of the sightseeing boat at the Urauchi River estuary by Kanpira-so's car, when you had asked us in advance.  
Departure Time of Sightseeing Boat
9:30   Sightseeing of river and trekking for water falls
10:30   Sightseeing of river and trekking for water falls
11:30   Sightseeing of river and trekking for water falls
12:00   Sightseeing of river and trekking for water falls
14:00   Sightseeing of river and trekking for water falls
15:30   Sightseeing of river only
  • The above listed boats will start for only one guest.
  • The departure time can be altered due to weather.
  • The boats other than above ones may be available when some guests will gather.
     You can watch a movie of Mariyudu Falls by Windows Media format (wmv) streaming file.  It is played by Windows Media Player.

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