Yutsun Triple Stepped Falls     A large waterfall located in the upper reaches of Yutsun River, northeast part of the island.  Literally, it has a significant feature of triple stepped structure, in fact there is one more small waterfall just below this waterfall, so it may be more exact to call it as "four stepped falls".
     Recently, some tours to this waterfall are available.  But the charge of the tours are so expensive that you should look for an experienced person and ask him for a guide.  Entering from an adan area at the Yutsun River estuary, there is a mountain path to walk rather easily until crossing the Yutsun River, but thereafter we have no way which can be called a path, proceeding in opening a path through the thick undergrowth.  Although somewhat steep slopes continue, a person who is confident about the mountain can overcome that.  It takes about two hours for one way.
     Since this waterfall is located at much higher level than Pinaisara, a view from the upper side of the waterfall is more wonderful, we can look over the estuary of Yutsun River and a cobalt blue coral reef panoramically.  Although we can go to the upper flat of the second the and third waterfalls, when volume of water current is so much like this picture, you should not try to go there because it is dangerous.
     If you desire to visit here by all means, I am ready to teach the route in detail, please inquire me by e-mail.   However, be sure to take care not to be rescued by a search party.

   You can watch movies of Yutsun Falls and a view from the top of the waterfall by Windows Media format (wmv) streaming files.  They are played by Windows Media Player.

    Yutsun Triple Stepped Falls (1,441 KB, 33 seconds)
    A view from the top of Yutsun Falls (1,449 KB, 33 seconds)