A homely atmosphere

     At Kanpira-so, all of the members of Maeo family and our part time staffs take care of our guests.  There is a very homely atmosphere, you seem to be a member of the family when you have stayed for a long time.  

Communication among guests
Lobby of Kanpira-do      At Kanpira-so, we have a large lobby next to a dinning room, where the guests can have good communication one another.  In particular, there are many cases that solitary tourists make friends each other there, therefore you can have an good encounter with strangers.  
     Since such an environment is not common in the other accommodation facilities, it can be a characteristic of Kanpira-so.  

     We would provide breakfast only.  Our guests can utilize a restaurant located nearby, or can purchase some food at a supermarket and so on.   At the dinner time, our guests can use a dining room of Kanpira-so freely.  

     Breakfast served by us is as follows.

Examples of breakfast menu

   You can chose some bread for breakfast (by self service).  Take it with homemade jams (pineapple jam, mango jam, banana jam, lemon jam, papaya jam, dragon fruit jam and so on) (Kinds of jams changes by season)
     The breakfast time is during 7:30~8:30.  We will announce you with internal speakers when meals are prepared.  For people who will leave early in the morning, or will take the meal outside, we can deal with those.  Please inform us in advance.
     Also, bathing time (when a boiler is working and hot water is available) is during 16:00~22:00, and the curfew is supposed to be 23:00.
  • We have an unmanned-shop near to Kanpira-so, there you can very cheaply get self-cultivated vegetables such as a purple sweet potato, a wax gourd and a watermelon, and tropical fruits such as a pineapple, a mango, a passion fruit and a banana.  
  • According to your request, we can introduce you on sightseeing guidance, a rental car, a rental motorcycle, a diving service and various tours, do not hesitate to consult us.  
Goods sold at the unmanned-shop (they are variously changed by season)
Very sweet pineapples (200 yen) Native bananas (200~400 yen) Large papayas (200~300 yen)
Passion fruits and so on Native lemons Large wax gourds (150 yen)