Underwater photo gallery by the Web master
     The Web master who also is a diver displays part of his underwater pictures which he took in the sea of Iriomote by himself.  Although they may not be able to excess an armature level yet,  you can understand a charm of the sea of Iriomote very well.  (The copy rights of these pictures entirely belongs to the Web master)
     Between Iriomote Island and Ishigaki Island, a coral reef called "Sekiseishoko" develops very well.  In particular there are many diving spots around northern waters of Iriomote Island, so the diving services concentrate at Uehara and Sumiyoshi Villages.  
     Although people may have a considerable personal preference for a diving service, staying guests at Kanpira-so usually utilize Mr. Sakana Diving Service, Dive Service YANO, Hot Mangrove and so on.  However, the hotel and the diving service do not link together, you can utilize any diving service when you stay at Kanpira-so.  There are many other diving services near Kanpira-so.  As they are summarized in a table below, consider and chose your favorite one (but with regrets, all of the home pages of the diving services are in Japanese).  
     An experiential diving (diving with no licence) is also recommended.  If you are not a diver, once you try the experiential diving in the sea of Iriomote, you must be addicted to the scuba diving.  Once you are possessed with the scuba diving in Iriomote, you must want to get a diving licence (C card).  To acquire the licence, I recommend you to undergo a licence course in Iriomote rather than in a city.  Because it takes just 3~4 days, every actual practice is made in the actual sea with many beautiful corals, it is totally different from that in the city which is thoroughly made in a pool. 
Diving   Service TEL (upper)
FAX (lower)
Charge (yen, tax included) Remarks
Fan diving Experiential diving C-card course
2 dives 3dives 1dive 2dives
Mr. Sakana Diving Service 0980-85-6472
13000 +6300 10500 15750 63000 A lunch costs 630 yen extra.
Hot Mangrove 0120-88-3200
12600 +6300 12600 15750 63000 A lunch costs 630 yen extra. Night diving is available (7350 yen).
Dive Service YANO 0980-85-6565
12600 +6300 A lunch costs 500 yen extra.  Night diving and brackish water diving are available.  
Blue Point 0980-85-6577
11000~13000 +6000 15000 20000 70000 Charges exclude a lunch. Night diving is available (65000 yen).
Diving Team Unarizaki 0980-85-6146
13650 +6300 15750 63000 Staying facilities are attached.  
SUN DIVE 0980-85-6117
12000 +6000 15000 20000 80000 Charges include a lunch, a drink and tax, preparing a snorkeling tour (8000 yen).  
GOOD DIVE 0980-85-6109
12000 +6000 13000 18000 70000~75000 preparing a snorkeling tour (5000~8000 yen).  
Diving School Pleco 0980-85-6863
12000 +6000 15000 20000 Charges exclude a lunch.  
TAKE Diving School 0980-85-6871
12600 +6300 15750 68250~78750 Charges exclude a lunch.  For a first visitor, a fan diving (2 dives) are served with 11550 yen.
Coral Spawn 0980-85-6814
12600 15750 78750 Charges exclude a lunch, also a rental canoe is available.  
Irumote-so Diving Service 0980-85-6298
10000~ 10000~ 52000~ Staying facilities are attached.  
Iriomote Coconuts Village 0980-85-6045
10000 12000 General resort staying facilities, Charges include a lunch and a drink.  
Hiro-maru Diving 0980-85-6505 10000 12000 Preparing a snorkeling tour (5000 yen).
Pension Hoshinosuna 0980-85-6448
11000 +5500 10000 53000 Staying facilities are attached.  Preparing a snorkeling tour (7000 yen).
Nilaina Resort 0980-85-6400
12600 +6300 15750 73500 General resort staying facilities. Preparing a night diving (9450 yen).
Kukai Marine Service 0980-85-6411
12000 15000 Preparing a night diving (8000 yen).
Waterman 0980-85-6005
12000 +6000 12000 15000 70000 Charges include a lunch and drink. Preparing a night diving tour (7000 yen).
i-terios 0980-85-6245
12800 +6500 13000 16000 58000 A lunch costs 630 yen extra.