A portait of Mr. Shotoku Introduction of the owner
     The owner is not called with his true mane in Iriomote, but always called Mr. Shotoku.  Because he used to have an beard face in the old days like Shotoku-taishi, who is a great man in the Japanese ancient history.  Although he was from Osaka, already he has been living in Iriomote more than 20 years, now he also he works as the principal of the Urauchi Community Center.  As he used to work for Kanpira-so in the far old days, having a deep relationship to Kanpira-so.  There is a beach called "Shotoku Beach" a little ahead of Maruma Beach.  He has a hobby to swim, he trains his body by swimming in the sea every day.  
All of the goods in Shotoku-an are handmade Necklaces and earrings
     All of the goods in Shotoku-an are handmade by Mr. Shotoku.  Accessories such as a necklace, an earring, a brooch, a necktie pin, a hairpin, a bracelet and a key holder are entirely made of shell in Iriomote.  Since they are handmade, there are not any duplicate things at all.  Also, there are some other small articles such as an original T-shirt of Iriomote, a cap and traditional textiles of Yaeyama.  As the prices are reasonable, please purchase some as mementoes of Iriomote.  
Pendants (800~4500 yen)
Earrings, pierced earrings (1200~4000 yen)
Key holders
Key chains (500~800 yen)
<B><FONT color="#ff00ff">Great green turban bracelets </FONT></B> Key holders
Key chains (sliced snail shells) (500~800 yen)
Great green turban bracelets (3000~8000 yen) Various shell handwork

Various shell handwork
     When you stay at Kanpira-so, please visit Shotoku-an, too.  Basically it is open throughout the year, but sometimes it is closed temporarily in the evening because the owner goes to swim as his daily work, please understand that.  At night, Shotoku-an is open until about 9 o'clock usually.
     Also, an order by telephone is acceptable, however if possible, I would recommend you to purchase in looking the goods directly as they differ subtly from one another even in the same designed things due to being handmade.  

     This home page was made and being managed by the webmaster of Kanpira-so with agreement of Shotoku-an.  For inquiries such as a link, submit an e-mail here.