Funauki Village

     This is a village located in the inner part of Funauki Bay, western part of the island, being the westernmost village in the existent villages of Iriomote.  There are no overland routes to this village, thus it is literally "an isolated island in land".  Although once there used to be villages of Amitori, Sakiyama and Kanokawa more westward from this village, they have all perished (now people live at Amitori again due to an newly establishment of an institute of Tokai University, but it cannot be regarded as a village). How to access to Funauki, it is comparatively easy because a liner of Funauki-maru by Funauki Kaiun commutes 3~4 runs a day.  The time table of the liner is as follows:  

Time table of Funauki-maru
FunaukiShirahama ShirahamaFunauki
8:15 8:25      8:35 8:45     
10:3510:45      10:5511:05    
12:5013:00      13:2013:30     
15:3015:40      15:5016:00     
17:1017:20      17:5018:00    
runs during Jul., 21 ~ Aug., 31.
runs on Tue., Thu., Sat. and Sun. during Mar., 1 ~  Jul., 20 and Sep., 1 ~ Nov., 30., and it runs only Sat. and Sun. during Dec., 1 ~  end of Feb.  

     As not so many tourists visit this place, atmosphere in the village is so far from noises, as if the time stopped.  From the edge of the village, there is a short path to cross over Funauki Peninsula, you can get to Ida Beach through this for about 10 minutes walking.  When walking that path, you should carry an insect repellent with you because there are many aedine mosquitoes.  Ida beach is a beautiful beach where we seldom see tourists, being an appropriate place to be relax.  For details, see here.  
A guide map to Funauki been located at the port
A view of south side of the village
A tunnel made by old Japanese army.  Entry is forbidden because of a risk of cave-in.
A bank used for traditional driving fishing
A view of a channel behind Uchibanare Island.  Shirahama is located over the channel.
Main street of the village towards north from the port
Funauki Utaki (like a shrine) located at the center of the village
Funauki elementary and junior high schools with large schoolhouses
A grocery maned "Hirugi", which is only one shop in the village
A monument of a beauty, Kamadoma legend
Streets in the village
The place where an Iriomote wild cat which entered a chicken cage to attack was initially captured in March, 1974.
An exotic plant of shampoo ginger which are often observed in Iriomote
A gajumaru tree been located near to Ida Beach.  It is also called a strangling tree.