Pinaisara II     This is a waterfall located at upstream of Pinai River, where Pinaisara, which is the biggest waterfall in Okinawa Prefecture, is co-located.  As this waterfall does not have an official name, I would temporarily call it Pinaisara II.
     From the upper flat of Pinaisara, there is rocky zone toward the upstream, go up from there and get to the waterfall after bout 30 minutes walking.  On our way to the waterfall, as we have an obstruction of a deep pool, we should detour it by entering mountain bush.  But it may be easy to walk in such a place because there are some hunter paths.  Anyway we can advance along the stream, so we will have less probability to lose our way.
     This waterfall is vertical with a height of about 10 meters, a basin well develops and we can sufficiently swim there.  This waterfall look powerful because the same water quantity of Pinaisara flows.  When you visit the upper flat of Pinaisara and you have enough your time and stamina, you can visit this waterfall.
     Since the area around this waterfall is a territory for wild boar hunting of Kanpira-so's owner, he is familiar to the area.  He said that there is another beautiful waterfall (Pinaisara III) in the upstream of this waterfall.  Nature of Iriomote is quite deep.  

     You can watch a movie of Pinaisara II by Windows Media format (wmv) streaming file.  It is played by Windows Media Player.

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