In Iriomote island, there are not so many tourist facilities unlike in the Okinawa Island.  Thus it is not a place where we play in spending much money like the other general tourist resorts, frankly speaking, a behavior that strutting around a beach with a boom box or a surfboard does not match an atmosphere of the island.  However in contrast, we can enjoy its plain great nature very much.  Well, I will introduce on the points to see in the island with a little bit of my dogmatism and prejudice.  

Standard Course
Pinaisara Haemida Beach
Nishida (Sangara) Falls Hoshizuna (star sand) Beach
Sightseeing of Urauchi River and Mariyudu, Kanbire Falls Tsukigahama Beach
Nakara Falls (Narasara) Maruma Beach
Mizuochi Falls Barasu Island
Sightseeing of Nakama River Hatoma Island
Iriomote Hot Spring Yubu Island
Starlit Sky Aragusuku Island
Iriomote Wildlife Center

Maniac Course
Island Crossing by Trekking Yutsun Triple Stepped Falls
Mayagusuku Falls Limestone Caves
Kanokawa Phantom Lake
Mitara Falls Pinaisara II
Kuura Falls Mt. Tedou

Not Well Known Spots
Funauki Omija Road Park
Mt. Uehara Sonai Hometown Forest
Nakanougan Island Mimikiri Beach
Utara Mine Ruins

Festivals and Events of the Island

Transportation for sightseeing

Various tours

Information of camping

    Further, as for information of the access to Iriomote, the stay and the leisure, "Okinawa rito joho" (price 480 yen) published by Ringo Promotion Inc. is very useful for people who are good at Japanese.  Also, see the Web site of  General Guidance to Iriomote Island